Institute for Sustainable Transition and Development performs theoretical, experimental and applies research in the field of natural, engineering and social sciences, directed to the creation of new knowledge or applied science products, including services and public-private partnerships, as well as to development of guidelines for university education at bachelor, masters and doctoral level.

The main aim of the Institute is to contribute to the transformation of the agricultural model in the regions affected by the energy transition, as well as to meeting the goals for low carbon and carbon-neutral economy at a regional and national level.

Our mission and values

Enhancement of the high-tech low-carbon energy and industrial transition in the region and the country by facilitating investment in new industries that will lead to significant economic transformation

Active and consistent applied research activities aimed at the development and commercialization of applied developments, with a view to establishing the region as a leading research center in the field of high technology

Systematic development of a sustainable creative scientific environment, aimed at building a scientific community, discovery, promotion and validation of talents, implementation of doctoral and post-doctoral programs

sign Prof. Dobri Yarkov Chairman of the Management Board


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Key directions

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The Team

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