Association of Industrial Capital in Bulgaria

The Association of Industrial Capital in Bulgaria (BICA) was established in 1996 and is the most dynamically developing representative organization of Bulgarian business at a national level. Today it is the organization of employers in Bulgaria with the widest representation. Its members are over 90 branch chambers, representing 3/4 of the economic activities in the country, with over 10,000 companies, providing employment to nearly 500,000 people. AICB has a network of regional chambers, covering 2/3 of the municipalities in the country.

The Association of Industrial Capital in Bulgaria has established itself as a spokesperson for the real manufacturing sector. It protects the interests of its members before the executive and legislature at a national and European level, influences the development of regulations and policies in the economic sector, works systematically to increase competitiveness of Bulgarian enterprises, create a favorable business environment and stimulate the Bulgarian economy as a whole.

In its development, the Association has shown consistency in the pursued policies and systematic action, has built on prior achievements, and has kept an equal distance to all political forces. It has further developed the most valuable assets since its foundation in order to distinguish its organizational image. Today it is the only organization uniting public companies in the country. Hence, its enduring interests in the development of capital markets and the persistence in efforts to positively perceive the status of issuers. In this regard, the organization works closely with the investment community and with institutions at both national and European level.

Internationally, the Association is also a member of the European Center for Employers and Enterprises (CEEP) with public participation and enterprises providing services of general interest. The development of services of general interest reflects the European model of society, plays an important role in ensuring social, economic and territorial cohesion within the European Union and is vital for the sustainable development of Europe in terms of higher levels of employment, social integration, economic growth and environmental quality. Through this membership, AICB gains experience and brings to the Bulgarian socio-economic environment the best and most progressive of the European economic model, including social partnership, as CEEP is a direct participant in the European dialogue.

The influence on the development of policies and the introduction of successful measures and good practices is also realized through the participation of AICB both in the European Economic and Social Council and in the Economic and Social Council of the Republic of Bulgaria.

In 2017, for the fourth time AICB takes over the rotating chairmanship of the Association of Bulgarian Employers 'Organizations (AOBR) - a serious responsibility to coordinate the efforts of employers' organizations in their dialogue with government and trade unions.

Guided by the current principles of work, the Association of Industrial Capital in Bulgaria will continue its active efforts to support the implementation of policies to ensure macroeconomic stability and budgetary discipline, to improve the business climate and sustainable economic growth, the rule of law and law enforcement, business security and property integrity contracts.