Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce - Union of Bulgarian Business

The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce - Union of Bulgarian Business (BCC) is a non-governmental organization established on April 25, 1980. In its more than 40-year history, BCC has established itself as one of the leading partners in determining economic policy, maintaining its party involvement and guided only by the principles of nationally responsible behavior, competence and fairness.

By decision № 20 of January 14, 2021, the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce was recognized as a representative organization of employers at a national level.

BCC is a nationally responsible business union working for:

• Creating conditions for accelerated and sustainable growth;
• Transparent management;
• Stable legislation, protecting principles, not goal-setting;
• Balanced economy based on knowledge and bringing high added value;
• Equal treatment of property;
• Competitive market, including social services;
• Development of human resources and flexible industrial relations;
• Preservation and development of Bulgarian production,
• Expanding economic freedom and encouraging entrepreneurship;
• Limiting administrative pressure and state participation in the economy;
• Fair and expedited administration of justice;
• Limiting regulatory uncertainty and frequent changes in laws;
• Creation of modern models for business networks;
• Protection of the interests of Bulgarian employers and entrepreneurs at local and international level.

BCC is a unifier of legal entities and individuals, ready to work for the creation of a fair, empathetic and free society, in accordance with the following principles:

• Effective use and conservation of available natural and human resources;
• Observance of the law and the rules for fair competition;
• Zero tolerance for corruption, trading in influence and the informal economy.