Institute for Sustainable Transition and Development has participated in the 9th Environmental and Sustainability Manager Day Southeast Europe

"Hydrogen: The Low-Carbon Industry of the Future" is the topic of the address delivered by Prof. Dr. Daria Vladikova - Head of Hydrogen Technologies and Energy Systems at the Institute for Sustainable Transition and Development at the Trakia University, on 26.10.2023 during the 9th Environment and Sustainable Development Manager's Day for South East Europe.

The event was organized by Verband für Nachhaltigkeits- und Umweltmanagement e.V. (Association for Sustainability and Environmental Management, VNU), Bulgarias’ Division and the company INNO-CON GmbH, and courtesy of Ecomax, main sponsor, and DQS Bulgaria. The Forum was opened by Mr. Engr. Heiko Schmidt, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Bulgaria in Germany and VNU Coordinator for South East Europe and Ms. Reneta Koleva, Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Environment and Water of the Republic of Bulgaria. Representatives of industry, public administration, academia and experts were part of the attendees.