Ministry of Energy

Economic logic and market rules, environmental protection and the protection of public interests are among the main factors that should motivate policies in the energy sector.

Based on these principles, the team of the Ministry of Energy is actively working to establish a competitive and efficient energy sector. We will achieve these goals by applying market conditions for the operation of companies in the industry.

Ensuring the interest of Bulgarian consumers for a fair price of electricity is without alternative. Therefore, among the main tasks of the Ministry of Energy is the work to reduce the energy intensity of businesses and households and increase energy efficiency. We also work for the financial recovery of state-owned energy companies and guarantee the independence of the State Energy and Water Regulatory Commission. The implementation of these measures is directly related to the formation of a fair price of electricity.

The introduction of a liberalized energy market is also essential. As a result, businesses and households will be able to choose their electricity supplier, which stimulates competition in the sector.

Our efforts are also aimed at ensuring the energy independence of the country by developing its own deposits of energy resources and accelerating the diversification of sources and routes by which Bulgaria receives imported ones.

Public resources should be spent only with proven efficiency and economic justification. Therefore, we will launch new and continue the construction of large energy projects started only with proven economic feasibility, compliance with the laws of Bulgaria and the European Union, environmental protection and undeniable long-term benefits for society.