Stara Zagora Municipality

The municipality of Stara Zagora is located at the intersection of two trans-European transport corridors connecting the four directions in Eastern Europe. The constructed route of the Trakia Motorway, the role of the city of Stara Zagora as a railway junction and the infrastructure of the Stara Zagora Airport are prerequisites for the development of transport and logistics activities. The combination of forest and fertile field territories reveals the opportunities for recreation and creative agriculture. The richness of the mineral waters in the village of Stara Zagora Mineral Baths strengthens the opportunities for tourism in the Sredna Gora regions of the municipality. The preserved traces of prehistoric, ancient and medieval times, together with the symbols of the road to national liberation at the end of the XIX century, create the identity and spirit of Stara Zagora and are the basis for the development of cultural tourism. The preserved rural traditions, community centers and churches, together with the modern urban culture of Stara Zagora, are an unlimited resource for contact between the individual sites and the construction of a system of local cultural roads. Trakia University, the Regional History Museum, the State Opera, the Drama Theater, the Art Gallery, the unique Museum of Religions, preserving the different cultural layers of Stara Zagora, suggest the importance of knowledge and art for local development. These, together with the stable economic indicators of the municipality, protect the desire to achieve sustainable growth.