Technical University of Sofia

TU - Sofia has visible European dimensions in the educational and research space of the EU. It trains over 10,000 Bulgarian and nearly 1,000 foreign students in the professional bachelor, bachelor, master's and doctoral degrees in synchronized curricula with Germany, France and England, and the credit transfer system allows training in European universities in a certain period of study, with full recognition of the studied disciplines and passed exams. From international agreements and scientific solutions implemented in business, the university annually receives funds equal to 20% of the state subsidy.

In the conditions of dynamic development of IT technologies the university systematically modernizes its profile, uses e-learning, and teaches more and more specialties in English, along with the foreign language faculties. Teachers and students are invariably among the winners of prestigious national and international competitions and contests. For the past years the lecturers and specialists from the university have trained over 100,000 Bulgarian engineers and have supported the construction and development of the technical universities in Varna and Gabrovo. The academic community is motivated and actively looking for solutions to meet these difficult goals.

The mission of the Technical University - Sofia reflects in a concentrated form the social commitments for continuous provision of educational services and high quality fundamental research and applied products to meet the needs of society for sustainable development and prosperity. It develops and directs the overall activity of the university and is the basis for determining the priority directions for its development.