The focus of our activity


The activity of ISTD is directly related to ensuring coordination and dynamic participation in the initiatives aimed at the development of regions with low carbon transition, by:

  • Developing analyses, plans and scenarios for the development of the region;
  • Studying, testing and developing new industrial technologies;
  • Contributing to attracting investment in new high value-added industries in the low-carbon sector;
  • Establishing contacts with institutions such as the European Investment Bank and other international financial institutions with a strong commitment to new technologies, as well as European research organizations.


In carrying out its core business, ISTD works in cooperation with local authorities, the national academic community, nationally represented trade unions and representative organizations of companies in the region, as well as with leading European universities and organizations in the field of transition to a low-carbon economy, by:

  1. Developing economic analyses with scenarios for development, attracting investments in the low-carbon sector and maximum inclusion in the new productions of the labor force in the region and its competencies;
  2. Making energy analyses and plans for development of the electric power system in accordance with the new technologies and the future national and European plans;
  3. Exploring and implementing new energy technologies that could be applied in the process of transition in the region and beyond;
  4. Preparing and participating in the implementation of new technologies. Collaborating with regions and clusters that follow a similar model of regional transformation;
  5. Implementing pilot programs in the field of agriculture with a view to the optimal development of animal husbandry, crop production, forestry, food production, preservation of soils and increase of their fertility and protection of the environment;
  6. Developing plans for the digitalization of industry, energy and agriculture.


ISTD participates in the development of national and regional strategies, regional plans and programs, models, pilot projects, technologies and their transfer to achieve sustainable development at national and regional level, which includes:

  1. Developing projects for the introduction of low-carbon and carbon-neutral business activities and business models;
  2. Maintaining the number of jobs of the enterprises affected in the future;
  3. Developing programs and mechanisms for job creation in enterprises with high added value, good working conditions and high pay, which would be an attractive choice for the employees affected by the transition;
  4. Developing programs and mechanisms to create new jobs that are attractive to young people in the region, for whom the opportunity to stay and join new industries is an attractive choice;
  5. Training highly qualified specialists in the new low-carbon technologies;
  6. Developing models and projects to attract significant investment in low-carbon industries that make the most of the assets and potential of the sectors concerned;
  7. Developing programs to address the environmental problems of carbon-intensive regions.


The Institute for Sustainable Transition and Development brings together expertise and resources in order to effectively and efficiently develop and apply innovative ideas, analyses, plans and scenarios related to the development of new industrial and agricultural technologies, contribute to attracting investment and production with high added value, as well as for the implementation of innovative technological solutions.