Trakia University

Trakia University occupies the prestigious 5th place in the ranking of universities in Bulgaria and takes great care of the education, lifestyle and development of its students.

The university is accredited with a very high grade of 9.20 (with a maximum of 10) by the National Agency for Evaluation and Accreditation in Bulgaria with the right to train in bachelor and master’s degrees, as well as in educational and scientific degree of Doctor.

Its structure includes 9 structural units: Faculty of Agriculture with training and experimental base, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine with clinics, Faculty of Medicine with University Hospital, Faculty of Pedagogy, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Engineering and Technology - Yambol, Medical College - Stara Zagora, Stara Zagora , Department of Information and In-service Teacher Training.

The university trains over 8,200 students from Bulgaria and the world in 72 bachelor's specialties and master's programs, has nearly 600 highly qualified lecturers, inviting guest lecturers from other universities in the country and abroad,. The university conducts more than 70 doctoral procedures. More than 15,000 certificates for qualifications and postgraduate specializations have been issued.

Trakia University has its own modern educational facilites. The teaching and research activities are carried out in 20 academic buildings with modern lecture and computer rooms, halls for seminars and practical trainings, specialized classrooms, language laboratories. The material base is constantly maintained and modernized. At the university and faculty level, a total of 44 research, teaching and diagnostic laboratories have been established in the respective scientific fields. Students acquire practical skills in a university training and experimental base, hospital, veterinary clinics, as well as in companies and organizations with which the university has concluded cooperation agreements.

E-learning and distance learning are being intensively introduced. The university successfully completed a project for distance learning in 98 disciplines with the use of modern technologies. More than 200 teachers have been trained to use electronic modules in their teaching practice. As a result of a project with very significant outcomes, an integrated information system was created serving the complex management of the university, the teaching and research work of students and teachers.

Trakia University-Stara Zagora is a member of the European University Association (EUA) and the International University Association (IAU). More than 60 international agreements have been concluded with foreign universities. Extended University Charter ERASMUS 2007/2008 - 2013/2014, allows the University to apply for funding under various grant schemes.

Students have the opportunity to study and conduct practical training under the Erasmus program of the EU in Germany, the Czech Republic, Spain, Poland, Italy, Turkey, France, Portugal and many other countries, as well as to participate in international research projects.